For Newcomers:

For those of you who don’t know me, you have stumbled on the shiniest, brightest pile of garbage I could throw together. I live every day of my life with the utmost curiosity for the things that most of you probably don’t give two shits about. You might be wondering then why in the world I’d put so much effort into things if nobody considers them, and in doing so you would have answered your own question.

It was the undeniable genius of Socrates that pointed out the paramount nature of the examination of our lives. Many people take this as a suggestion to introvert themselves so as to promote understanding of oneself from time to time, and this can be a good thing. However, my life has been littered with instances in which I have explored (whether I was forced to or not) the final threshold of what I am capable of doing. As a result, I’ve witnessed some seriously messed up stuff, as well as things that by their very nature inspire total and complete peace in a person.

But even at this very moment, I’m given pause when I ask myself once again, “why?”

I’d like to respond with a story (and if you don’t want a story – too bad, it’s my website). When I was very young, I experienced an extremely traumatic event while I was in a large group of people. The event was so brutally real that the entire group, about 30 of them in total, broke down and cried for about 45 minutes. After I had pulled myself together, I was compelled for some reason to abandon my sadness in order to comfort those around me, many of whom were much older and smarter than I was. Though I’m sure my words did little to actually help them, I was enamored by the fact that I was able to put aside my sadness and think logically about what needed to be done in order to ensure the emotional stability of everyone in the room.

That having been said, I had no idea what I was doing when I actually tried to help them. But I continued to live my life after that day by that concept – separate emotion from logic, and deal with a problem directly and head-on. As I continued to observe the different types of reactions that people were capable of expressing, I slowly discovered something: with the right words, inflections, intonations and language structure, anybody could be comforted through the process of realizing options that they did not know existed.

This mentality has grown and evolved immeasurably since I was that young, such to the extent that describing it here would be pointless. However, if one can retain optimism (the Greek opti – being open to all options and possibilities), one can facilitate their own comfort, while still remaining human (i.e. experiencing the very real spectrum of emotions that we all feel).

In a nutshell, that’s the best I can do to tell you about who I am. That, and I was named after a pirate, hence the title.



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