For Newcomers:

For those of you who don’t know me, you have stumbled on the shiniest, brightest pile of garbage I could throw together. I live every day of my life with the utmost curiosity for the things that most of you probably don’t give two shits about. You might be wondering then why in the world I’d put so much effort into things if nobody considers them, and in doing so you would have answered your own question.

It was the undeniable genius of Socrates that pointed out the paramount nature of the examination of our lives.

A long time ago, someone I care about told me that something I’d written had started a conversation that they really needed to have with themselves. I started this site while I was in college in case it ever does that to anyone again — and because it pushed me to write more.

Not all of these are great; there are some I don’t really like anymore. Just like, a heads-up I guess.

Also, I was named after a pirate, hence the title.


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