generation why

Call me a linguist –
the seamless dream seamstress –
retro-fitting archetypal hype with a fresh key press –
and needless to say this rhetoric’s a little cheap, yes –
but your word flirts between greed and worthless –
so make some change out of your dollars for sense –
endure your ego’s pain, take a breath and refresh –
there are still mountains to move, and man, I need a rest –

you’ll never be graded,
just judged on this test –
and if you do study up,
you’ll set the curve for the rest,

and be the master of studies!
the one grand commander!
take your humility fully,
ignore the lies and the slander,

and then one day you’ll teach
(though you’ll miss it at first),
you’ll save all those souls
who’d have faired so much worse…

but nevermind that
it’s a moot point you see;
for you’ll unlock those cages,
you’ll set their souls free.

that’s not to say that it’s simple,
so echo this in your heart:
we may have yet to begin,
but we know just where to start.

My friends and weary writers, my fellow wonder-fucked outsiders:

while we’ve been waiting for the chorus when the whole world will ignore us (JUST LET US SLEEP we scream to snores as they fight back with holy wars) two steps back for each step forwards

their progress has faded the process is tainted this rain check for hate’s left our leadership jaded

Each verse bores holes in transparent souls – we see clean through you to the other side and bide, and bide, and bide until dialogue excludes the ‘me’ and prevents this pointless calumny – sharpened tongues now serrated mercilessly berated our attempts to contribute with contempt (stupid youth) – but by accessing this power we’ll make a kingdom out of cowards whose towers sour every hour they’re denied their own power.

Our strength lies in your reaction – purport your insecurities, we’ll show you which the fact’s in.

~ by cptgibbs on September 20, 2013.

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