Narcissus Rising

I struggle daily
            to think in terms of bitterness
and to discount others
            as simply being too stupid to understand
            why the happiest I’ve ever been
            is today, was yesterday, will be tomorrow –
Grappling with the instinct to judge
those who see this celebration of life as self-righteous –

            . . .

And when short-sighted ignorants
sling mud blindly on the faces of those I love,
it’s all I can do
            not to make them wish they were born deaf, and
            to inflict vows of moral silence –
all I have of what some call strength, others, weakness,
dedicates itself to eviscerating the weapon, never
            destroying the soldier. 

It is difficult to be normal –
            but the mere existence of temptation
            has never justified falling prey to it –

Otherwise, what do future generations
of ourselves have to look back on
            and be proud of?

~ by cptgibbs on May 23, 2013.

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