Loose the floodgates,
God forbid,
and I will try my best to
educate your connotations
expose your perceptions
and reveal your identity.

We all have secrets,
but we are not all

The fear of being replaced,
of being told that
we are not one of a kind –

that we’re a shitty excuse
for a snowflake,
that we’re a drop in the bucket
that’s already empty,
that we are not who we have
fought and bled and cried and endured
in order to become.

There are no words more painful
to the one whose mirror cannot help
but smile back.

You cannot make a deeper cut
than with the blade of cynicism and fear,
wielded as if you truly believe
that we deserve it.

And yet, I can write
about few things more vividly than
that which causes this overwhelming, debilitating
sense of failure.

You must understand:

whether i am at fault or not,
i will always find room in myself for improvement;

This is called growing, and it is the only way we can learn.


~ by cptgibbs on July 5, 2012.

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