And Always Learning

forgive said pains of paceless progress
forget the crawl of time
relive your ego’s baby steps
and laugh as it’s maligned

there’s little more here now than thought,
scarcely less than half a soul –
it ran, it stayed, it tore in two,
disagreed and paid the toll

‘But light returns, this time as glue!’
the silly sophists cry
hey i’m confused – how is it used?
i’ve no money left to buy

‘All that happens here and now
is relative, you see.’
there exists no truth besides your words?
i have to disagree

how lonely it must be for one,
believing we’re “unique” –
the social connotation
kills the challenge when we think

that’s not to say we’re bland as dirt –
we’re as special as can be
but the extreme of either end of this
are locks and not the key

‘Tell us then, where is this key
if you’re so goddamn smart?’
i’m sorry friends, i do not know –
what do you think? that’s a start

‘But how,’ they say with leaking smirks,
‘How can you know it’s real?’
ever felt your soul ignite?
it’s something you just feel.

‘You hypocrit, you’ve shot your foot,
try to practice what you preach.’
i am no good at either, friends –
i just listen while you teach.


~ by cptgibbs on April 17, 2012.

One Response to “And Always Learning”

  1. I like, a lot!

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