Living honestly is difficult to do. The hardest times in life come, I believe, when we are presented with the choice to either act truthfully or not when there is no foreseeable benefit or consequence to our actions. It is these moments that define us.

If you live honestly and humbly, selflessly and as objectively as possible, no one may notice. But you will. If you resist making assumptions as much as possible and base everything you know off of direct communication and fact, no one may notice. But you will. If you allow yourself to be tread upon by those that believe they are “working a system,” no one may notice – even worse, you may be called stupid, weak, or lazy.

This life is not for those with fragile spirits or shaky principles. It is not for those that believe revenge is deserved. It is not for those without the courage to have conversations in which they themselves say “I was wrong.”

But let’s get one things straight – this is anything but weakness. You don’t need shallow support structures such as church or therapy or welfare. Your support is your reflection, your faith, and the principles of honesty and trust that provides humanity its potential. However dark things may seem, they will always turn around if you hold on to those principles.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


~ by cptgibbs on February 21, 2011.

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