Nostalgic Facepalm

I feel as though all too often
when the sun rises, we see
what it illuminates
but take that light for granted.

Concept: “amazing” –
crank your ears to 11
sing in sign language
close your eyes and dance –

I don’t know… but I’m still thinking.

criminal judge jury prison God

Now you tell ME which doesn’t belong.

WHY – why are we inclined to discover only that which is concrete? Why does it seem as though the most wisdom resides in places with the least relative knowledge?

Why do I feel like I’ve been pissing a line in the sand just so I can walk it?

I heard spring birds, far happier than I at that hour, completely unaware of the impending frost –

Humanity will always need to settle, to recognize pattern, to structure.

Please don’t get me wrong –
I would never dare lament that conflict.

So let’s go play in the sun
and bring an umbrella
not so that nothing can stop us
but so we can open it
and help the masses
remember what it means
to wonder.

~ by cptgibbs on February 18, 2011.

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