is an opportunity just like
dare and tempt the chora to stir from sleepless rest –
an invitation as decorative
as the displays little girls dream of in their heaven-on-earth
and I
see this now.

opportunity knocks, and when I open
the heavy door I see a spotlight I can step into
in as many ways as I’d like
for as long as I’d like with a directive
a goal
as simple and yet preposterously vague as the words

“need” –

Contrast. Juxtaposition.

Put something familiar
next to something so new
you’re too excited to
even have created it yet

and for the love of
whatever power you believe in

be that anything from God to
Satan to the human soul
to memory to the
dirt beneath your feet –

feel it.

Because the numbing cold
and bitter, biting wind
become habits
far too easily.

May we never favor
toughing out the cold,
when our friends are waiting
by the fire.

~ by cptgibbs on January 28, 2011.

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