Thanks Received.


One rarely thinks twice about the phrase “achieving success,” but as of late I have been drawn to wonder: what would it mean to achieve failure? I believe that to do so would be to make the perfect mistake, experiencing personal disappointment on such a pervasive level that there can be no greater fall.

There are no words to describe just how lonely the bottom of the barrel truly is, just as there is no justifiable expression of true, euphoric adulation. It is impossible to force happiness just like it is impossible to cure sadness.

However, the beautiful thing about this achievement of failure is that we can learn more from it than we had ever thought possible. Think about it for a moment – when do we learn if not in failure of some kind? Absolute failure then, logically, dictates that we have an immeasurable opportunity to learn and improve. In this way, failure should never be lamented. It should never be pitied or coddled, it should be utilized for growth. Granted this is a different process for each and every individual on the face of this planet, but still… it is possible.

Pity and sympathy are for the weak and lazy. To “fish” for it is to subject oneself to the most disgusting and scum-riddled capacities of human nature. It does nothing but kill potential – of this I am certain.

So, on this Thanksgiving, let us allow ourselves to receive thanks as well as give it – from ourselves and others. Let us live how we wish to live, and feel how we wish to feel.

And so, a toast: to the death of pity, the destruction of sympathy, and the glorious and constant rebirth of that which we seldom realize we have but can never live without: our identity. May we all stop subjecting ourselves to stress for the sake of stress and just live.

existo decorum vel existo nusquam

~ by cptgibbs on November 24, 2010.

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