Realign my past perceptions
im still learning, I swear to you
it’s just a different class, that’s all –
I wake up every day, groggy and tired
and I know that however I may try to deny it,
like before,
there is something better waiting for me
under the next sunrise

I’ve been told to wait
and wait and fucking wait
but I’ve had to wait before
shame on me if I waste this opportunity –

because even the most beautiful and luscious forest trails
have briar patches and steep inclines

because even the most exquisite song
can be misplayed if an instrument is out of tune

because even the perfect photograph
can be tarnished by rain clouds

and even the truth within our souls
can be drowned in superficial nonsense


as in all things,
we either learn
or we do not
we utilize
or we waste
we grow
or we are forever caught in stasis.

This mountain will not climb itself.

I hold my breath,
and call now on that which I know will never leave me, gather it in my arms,
and throw it straight up into the air, watching my Own
glitter and sparkle against every ray of sunlight
and in this moment –
this one, infinitely small point in time
I see myself fitting into this world
and I exhale.


~ by cptgibbs on November 3, 2010.

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