identity go boom.

I believe, truly, that the most genuine form of expression comes from visceral experience – specifically, the Greek passeos, or a passion, an urge so ephemeral that it literally can be likened to a kind of suffering. The reaction of the identity to that objective truth within anything in this world would be impossible without perspective, and the principles that govern it.

However, so often this experience is characterized as emotional in nature. In reality, such a description devalues the wonder and brilliance of what is truly one of the most powerful reactions that a human being can experience. Emotion is a wonderful thing that serves a very specific set of purposes, but the moment that we treat it as one would treat logic, we become lost to it. Emotion exists as a byproduct to logical processes, and it should be treated as such.

Back to passion. To perceive something as truly beautiful is to allow a peculiar type of energy to flow from the soul outwards in an aura of wonder, a term I can only describe as a mindset of focused amazement at every single thing one comes into contact with. Imagine if you saw a tree waving in the wind, and sprung in an almost obsessive contemplation about every way in which you could possibly consider that one tree. Now take that feeling and imagine furthermore that this mental reaction took place with everything that you could possibly perceive or imagine.

To stumble into beauty is to collide with the sublime. If you can find that thing that inspires wonder, creates a truly urgent passeos, and articulates your identity in ways you’d never imagined, to leave it is to abandon yourself in your purest and most quintessential form.

I can’t think of anything worth that.


~ by cptgibbs on August 23, 2010.

2 Responses to “identity go boom.”

  1. Well put. Though the Greek is pathos, and the Latin is passeos. Point holds for both words, and I couldn’t agree more with your reflections on beauty’s peculiarity and particularity.

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