Until next time.

Boom blast and – SHIT! GASP! The sass, it’s back. Retracting, reducing those feelings of losing with clues: sing and act, mix and match, love and grasp the final mask.

But considering the thing is never all or nothing, labeled thusly for its nature of expressed visuals fuzzy, realize that grip is nothing more than a tip, calloused fingernail hand-holds that threaten to break at any minute – relying on either what you know or how to choose to show is perfect, so long as you can always have both. Reload with the experiences, new and old, and consummate the marriage of how you think and what you’re told with sunlight – that hot thing of pure power… crap, forgot you hadn’t left the office in four hours, let me tell you –

No, shit, dammit I slipped – it happens, I’m sorry, don’t worry, I’ll just have to pick it back up… instead let’s just get inside the other’s head, go outside and thank God that we’re not dead. Cause after living in a place where clouds painted the sky for four years, I’ve no fear, that hot truth’s high, and still up there. So rather than cower behind a desk with fake flowers, hating expectations for your own sense of power, let’s take it, embrace it and in the process have FUN – I’ll meet your pace and challenge it, no matter how fast you run.

I was gonna end it there but there’s a little more to say: this mind of mine gets sharper every day. Underestimate the rest but keep me at bay and I’ll blow right past you – my clay soul would’ve shattered by now if it had been fired, and I’m battered and tired, but I still get inspired… oh yes, I still get inspired.

~ by cptgibbs on August 2, 2010.

One Response to “Until next time.”

  1. You are incredible. Have I ever told you that?

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