My eyes despise the shallow ties; knots complicating contemplating thoughts of what I brought and how I ought to be relating back to everything I’ve ever learned (perhaps that’s the issue). Cause the words I was taught would be absurd without what they in turn inferred. Suggestive, you say? You don’t even know the half of it – this path of shit is so legit it’s become the reason I can’t quit. Speak – I dare you, and claim that I’m lazy; or better yet, crazy. With little to no vital desire to grow you almost can’t help it – and I know, I know. Jaded dreams of faded teams you always thought would be there, but they won’t be. But the sooner you can understand, the easier it’ll be to accept a hand when it reaches through your muck and grime to redefine your impression of the sublime.

For me, too.


~ by cptgibbs on July 22, 2010.

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