Don’t you get it –

if this was but a tad sad or glad or even bad
I’d be gone, along the long song of her biggest secret.
I am at peace, I know this seat, this beat, this “leak”
and all that most appall when the brick wall stalls

Don’t you GET IT!?

I will keep the dirtiest secrets Under Lock and Key
until the day when free IS thee
and whoever we be will see
precisely what I want.

Ladies and Gentlemen –

Omega’s beginnin again. He’s pissed caused
he missed his goodnight kiss from the sweet
and succulent lips of bliss. I promise, I promise,

I promise.

This isn’t like karma – trust me it goes farther
than a hope and trust farmer beggin for alarms
just –
allow your cash cow to bow to your plow.

Rhymes just make flow –

So long as I know that what goes is
what goes is
the truth and who knows this
but us – how could they?

Finish him!

Life locks as they doom him to tombs of
failed chora’s womb and
what looms in the distance is naught but a

Same as any other.

A door, two windows, a form and a mass
like glass, you see through but you can’t manage to pass –
the brass tacks is that you can’t. And you won’t.

And you know what – life moves like that sometimes.

We try and we try, but no matter how hard we cry
and no matter how many tears we dry
we can’t help but spy
the lie.

And so shall I.

~ by cptgibbs on June 19, 2010.

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