pardon me if I begin to stutter –
this is, without a doubt,
so critical to get right.

have you ever seen a grown man cry?
shit – have you ever seen a grown man?

we assume that the number of years
one has seen pass on this earth
correlates directly with knowledge.
and the only mention of youth’s potential is:

You are wise beyond your years.

i’m not sure i like that very much –

those beyond my years argue and fight
on the nightly news about our world
and its people
for ratings

those beyond my years that seem
like they want to help the Other
pervert their intentions by naming charities
after themselves

those beyond my years
beg for unification –
but if and only if
it is done exactly as they say

those beyond my years claim
they’re doing everything they can
to stop
tens of millions of gallons
of poison from killing our concept
of beauty

and don’t get me wrong –
i still see the good in the world
i’ve observed acts of kindness
big and small
and i see in them a purity
not of brightness or darkness –
but of open-eyed wonder and hope

Do not tell me to get off
my soap box, not until
you understand that it’s really
a coffin – I am
pleading and begging the rest of the world
to attend this open casket funeral –
for one reason
and one reason only:

so we can all dance our souls out
at the wake
and bring optimism back to life.

~ by cptgibbs on June 11, 2010.

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