Love Letter

the reciprocity of discovery is inherent –
you make me want to
scream so loud that my lungs bleed
just so that others might comb your pages
gazing on reflective surfaces
until they See themselves.

A family
of classic traditions and Lexus and Ralph Lauren Polos
help their daughter, their graduate
move out and start life. These parents,
they stare without knowing what to do
at the loud, dirty, homeless women fighting
over which one of them will get the lamp
that their daughter just threw away.


– and this is so beautiful.

Do you feel
the urgency now?
Because simply existing in this state speaks more than I’ll ever be able to describe
in any goddamn poem I ever write

No matter how hard I try, words will always betray experience.

like lemmings dancing ecstatically off a cliff as we doubt their sanity
like a homework assignment that says “LIST YOUR #1 DREAM”
like asking the deaf to describe the sunset

You’re looking for words? Really?

The onset of creation, so real that it seems fake.

– you’ve stumbled on some ideal archetype
that moves you more
than anything
you’ve ever done.

Imagine how Narcissus felt,
how he must have laughed at the irony
until his sides were sore
and tears streamed down his face

dripping, dropping
and then the pool rippled,
perfection eliminated past that one moment

It’s just like Tyler has always whispered to me,
in the moments of my weakest strength:

Perfection only lasts for a moment, anyway.
[‘09] – Don’t let it last longer.

Stop. Don’t ooze back through perceived
cracks in your ego, destroying that which
helps others grow, pulsing with an honest to
God belief that you know, but without this one

Perfection only lasts for a moment, anyway.
[‘10] – It’s okay when it doesn’t.

The true experience of ourselves.

The awe of Narcissus –
that there’s no way
something this real
could have been within us
this entire time.

The only time our minds,
by default,
focus on the
rather than the result:

~ by cptgibbs on June 2, 2010.

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