I was rummaging through some old pieces and found this from Easter of last year. Worth thinking about…

So what are we supposed to celebrate today? Oh that’s right, the death thing. The one guy who exemplified crazy. Who convinced all those people to follow him. Our savior. The sacrifice. Whatever.

I’m amazed by people that think that the cross thing was like a “free unlimited sin voucher,” or that the act itself is what helped us all out. Now I’m no religious scholar (thank God (ouch – pun)), but wasn’t it really us who saved ourselves? Conceivably, even if Jesus had never done any miracles, couldn’t the act of his selfless sacrifice be enough to wake people up? To make them feel as though they may want to think about changing their lives?

I mean, what if he had been lying the whole time? What if the “miracles” were the results of a seriously fucked up game of telephone that started with a normal story? His sacrifice would have had the same effect. The reincarnation could have been any number things, but this is not the point.

The point is this: that if nobody but you knows that something is a lie, and you’re smart enough, then there’s no difference between the lie and reality. It can and will serve the exact same purpose as if it was real.

All I’m saying is “what if.” What if all we need is a savior who can bear that burden; the burden of knowing that the progress of the world, the progress of our minds, hearts, and souls may or may not be based off of one big lie?

~ by cptgibbs on April 13, 2010.

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