It’s been a long night in Austin, too.

Maybe every now and then we all need a break. I’m not talking about physically removing yourself from a situation, migrating somewhere new until things warm up back home. That silly little thing called emotion has a habit of making us feel either great or awful, but it always seems like we have little to no control over how or when it goes into effect.

We can though – control it I mean. Past friendships can blossom into new possibilities, and all it really takes is a display of effort – proof that we want happiness, and that we’re prepared to pursue it. When we take that chance, that leap of emotional faith, we can feel the results in every inch of ourselves, from our brains to the depths of our hearts:

mutually dependent logic and emotion. The holy grail of euphoria.


~ by cptgibbs on March 18, 2010.

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