Happy Birthday

“Torture is torture and humiliation is humiliation only when we choose to suffer.”
– CP

As if juggling our lives as they are now isn’t hard enough. Every now and then, something huge comes up in the middle of an already hectic priority list. It slams into our chest with such force that we’re literally brought to our knees in silent shock and breathless vulnerability. It’s at this point that we’re given a choice as to how we proceed, the implications of which can potentially last for months.

Do you choose to recognize the problem as secondary, essentially ignoring its significance and leaving it to be dealt with at another time? Assuming that we actually can pull this off, this can lead to a return to the focus we had before the shock – nothing more, nothing less.

Or, do you choose to use this shock as an opportunity to take a break? Do you quickly, efficiently, and effectively analyze, plan, and manipulate this mental blunt-force trauma so that it can work for you rather than against you? You could see this event as a break from the regular workload, as a sort of ego-boost if it’s dealt with correctly. This choice comes with the added benefit of never having to deal with the same type of trauma again if you process it correctly.

So what’s the right thing to do then? Be at peace so that you can remain static, or throw yourself into conflict so that you can grow stronger? Don’t give me some bullshit about there being a middle ground where you observe and move on while learning – if you think that then I’d be willing to bet that you’ve never experienced the sort of trauma I’m talking about (I can think of only one person that actually looks at this blog every now and then that could make the “middle ground” argument work).

The thing is, both options seem like viable possibilities after a long night and longer morning of consideration. The trick (now that both have been fleshed out) is just to figure out which one is going to be more fun.


~ by cptgibbs on March 10, 2010.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. mmmmmmmm……….conflict. Aren’t we all conflicted, anyway?

    • But of course – and as such, it seems not at all uncommon that the constant state of conflict begins to be considered “normal.” Thus the addition of new conflict not only adds itself to one’s to-do list, but it also reminds us of the constant state of conflict that we are already in.

      It has become blatantly apparent, however, that an easy way to achieve jouissance (however temporary it may be) is not to find the solution to the problems themselves, but instead to achieve a single solution that changes one’s perspective on the perceived conflict in general.

      In other words, focusing on the jumps, not the hurdles, I guess.

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