En Roulette

The following is a recorded exchange of couplets between the Captain and the Scholar.

Ending roots of life’s desire
Broken boots of strife’s best liars

Heat hot hoedown ho
I gotta fight the end of the show

Relive the lows through the empty rows,
don’t believe the ashes of his pyres

and always die undead again
and always find copies of shallow bottles in women

Filled with voids of promises –
(there’s no epidural for post-partum)

But I detest to infest the incisions
with dreams of ocean skylines in visions

keep divine eyes inside –
there’s no sanctuary behind His Holy Mask

who wrote in a wholly without a whollier
to be most base I please the courts lowlier

“were it not for gracious surrender,
I wouldve surely lost His favor.”

Said the Cavalier Said Yes
the shows must be gross I digress –

Remove peripheral layers –
Focused Bliss.

– I insist.

~ by cptgibbs on February 26, 2010.

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