Ashes to Ashes

The unlimited power
and endless gift
of the one they called,


was not measured by his childhood.

(the attention of his birth was stolen by dudes on camels and a giant star)

Nor was it his adolescence,
with the doubtless parent-child conflicts.

(“But mom, I don’t want to build the stupid shed.”
“You just don’t understand what I’m going through.”
“Joseph isn’t even my real dad, mom.”)

Even in his teenage years,
with his lack of focus, abundance of time…

Jesus wasn’t popular
until God
let Him have a little fun
and do some magic.

Any and all conflicts
that snot-nosed
little punk had been a part of
were forgotten

as soon as he started showing off.

Sure, it was in the name of God,
but you just KNOW that teenage Jesus was saying,
“DAMN! Was that cool or what!?”

No friends, just followers.
The former probably abandoned Him
when he sucked up too much lime-light.

Because it’s only cool to be someone’s friend
until they get TOO

And after his greatest Houdini of all,
suddenly EVERYONE knew Him.

Those who showed little respect
before that whole cross thing,
became part of His “true group of friends”
the second
He stopped

were they in for a surprise.

Yet. Only after all of the assholes were put in their place
did Jesus make history.

You have to admit. The standards for becoming historically renowned,
even back then,
were pretty fucking steep.

But still, after

People still sacrifice themselves for others,
and history repeats itself.
Just without a bunch
of old farts
with nothing better to do
than to write it all down.

~ by cptgibbs on February 18, 2010.

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