It’s not important.

Ladies and gentlemen – step right up.

For no particular reason at all, I’ve been thinking a lot about that teacher that was assigned to Helen Keller – the Miracle Worker. This woman achieved something nearly impossible: teaching something through foreign terms to someone who literally could not understand a single thing she said. She saw a world that nobody else did, and was able to somehow articulate that world.

Through her work, she not only made history, but made a little girl’s life, a life stuffed to the seams with absolutely nothing, mean something. More importantly to me, however, is the fact that she was able to communicate the impossible. She took a perspective, something as simple as seeing the world in a different way than the person she was trying to help. It was not just another perspective on the world, it was as if she was trying to help Keller open a pair of eyes that she didn’t know she had.

And yeah, she accomplished it by essentially grabbing the hand of Keller and forcing her to experience what she was talking about, but there was really no other way, was there? Forcing her to see what she saw and felt… somehow she did it. She arguably had more clarity of vision and more control over her faculties than almost every other human being I’ve ever heard of, and she succeeded.

Does anyone even remember her name?

~ by cptgibbs on January 28, 2010.

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