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Good morning to another day.
Good morning to my friends, and
Good morning to my family.

Good morning to the daily hymn of songbirds, to the gentle hush of the wind as it tickles the trees. Good morning to hope.

Good morning to my hope; to the pastel masterpiece spilling light across the sky. Good morning to my metaphors; to my mirror, to my smile and cocked eyebrow, to confidence. Good morning to confidence.

Good morning to questions, and to my questions. Good morning to inspiration, and drive, and progress and words and words, and my mania. Good morning to the sturdy promise of stasis, its winding uphill path.

Good morning to reality; to the gravity of necessity; to my humility. Good morning to hesitation, and to doubt, and to shallow vows; good morning to the colorless threat of stasis, its slick downhill spiral.

Good morning to the truth, and to my balance; to moral certainty and crippling anxiety; to intuition and wasted chances; to pain and to numbness; to my endurance, and to love.

Good morning to love.


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Give me one more shell
to crawl out of; I can prove
that it’s not a dud.


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being an asshole
is exactly the same as
being a hero


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Infuriate a heart of hate
with nothing but a smile

Reject regret and love will let
your heart rest all the while

Excuse the ruse when others choose
to cut your place in line

Cause we can see clear past the ‘me’
and the spot we’ve got’s just fine.


•May 28, 2014 • 1 Comment

Little by little
The anthill became a shrine
And all the work stopped


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In the worst parts of ourselves,
where even our own name dares not tread –
in the final chamber of our hearts,
and in the deepest recesses of our soul,

a voice – the nymph – Echo
calls out to all the beauty it sees –
ashamed in spite of itself,
but too full of wonder and desire
to ignore the urge to try
just one more time,
and ask,
“Who are you?”

The Pen!

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‘Tis mightier than the sword, indeed –
but t’would be in err to presume it superlative –
for as the hubris of Kings,
though noble and true they may be,
doth attract far more undesired audiences
than originally intended,
so it is so in the meta-realm of this medium.

-verily, allow the veil to lift-

By my mind’s eye, dost thou
pursue such discourse sans mastery of the same?

-these scars of sheet, pray, do not cause them wantonly-

For true as I sheath this pen,
my mind causes it to be so.